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Citizens of Crestview will soon have more options when it comes to their dining choice. Four new restaurants are getting set to open throughout the city in the next few months. City manager Tim Bolduc said the explosion of new restaurants is all part of city staff’s efforts to expand the city. “I think that as the city continues to grow, the need for ways to entertain ourselves makes it inviting to start a business here,” Bolduc said. “We started making it a streamline in permitting to get from concept to open as fast as possible.” Fresh Table Gastro Pub, Red Crab Juicy Seafood, Voodoo BBQ & Grill and Yardbirds are all coming to the city soon. Fresh Table Gastro Pub is a farm to table rustic restaurant that will serve southern comfort food and craft beer and wine. Red Crab Juicy Seafood is adding another restaurant to the panhandle. The company most recently opened a restaurant in Pensacola in January. The restaurant will offer fresh seafood such as crawfish, shrimp and crabs cooked in a signature spice. Voodoo BBQ & Grill is a slow smokes in-house daily New Orleans-style barbecue establishment. There is also one located in Pensacola. Some of the food options that will be available include Cajun chicken, jerk chicken, burgers and gumbo. Yardbirds is a chicken establishment. While the restaurant will offer mainly chicken in the form of tenders, sandwiches and wings, other options such as shrimp and barbeque pork will be available. An opening date is unknown.

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