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An 87-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly slapping an elderly woman with dementia in the face. According to the report, the victim’s son was contacted by The Terraces director, who informed him 87-year-old William Alford had slapped his mom in the face. The son stated this is not the first time they had heard of Alford becoming aggressive toward his mother and he wanted something done about it, according to the report. Alford and the victim also have adjoining rooms, separated by a door, the report said. The report revealed a previous incident where Alford had slapped the victim at the dining table during lunch. The daughters of Alford were advised to come and get him, which they did, and removed him from the premises, the report stated. An agreement was met where the door between their adjoining rooms would be locked and the only way to gain access would be by coming into the hall where staff can see, the report said. The report continued to say police met with Alford who advised them on the day of the offense he was carrying on being silly. The officers met with The Terrace director to make sure Alford could understand what they were saying, to which she said he is able to understand what’s going on the report said. Alford was arrested on battery charges and taken to Santa Rosa County Jail on a bond of $2,500.

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