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WZEP AM 1460 has 10,000 watts daytime power. WZEP AM remains Walton County and Holmes County residents’ most-listened to radio station by far and the most cost-effective way to reach potential customers.

As the dominant station, WZEP AM 1460 reaches many young children, who listen for birthdays. Many teens tune in for sports, school menus, and school information. Our older listeners appreciate timely obituary information. All listeners pay attention to news, weather, sports and the Country Store.

WZEP AM 1460 is family radio for all ages, reaching the families of Walton/Holmes Counties. WZEP AM 1460 offers extremely cost-effective advertising for your business and now is even better with 10,000 watts daytime power.

Most stations say they are new and different. WZEP AM 1460 has been new and different for 50 years because WZEP AM 1460 is new and different everyday, reflecting the communities it serves by giving away prizes, reporting breaking news such as shootings, fires and accidents and so much more.

WZEP AM 1460 is the most cost-effective advertising for reaching travelers throughout the whole county. By reaching WZEP AM 1460 local listeners, you’re reaching the shop owners, clerks, service professionals and others who are asked for directions, suggestions and opinions about places to which to go for food, lodging, gas, shopping, etc. Get to our listeners and you get to your customers and potential customers.

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