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Crestview is seeing a changing of the guard as its chief executive is about to leave office. David Cadle has been the city’s mayor for more than a decade. He retired after 38 years as a teacher and band director, but for Cadle, a career in shaping his community didn’t end there. He jokes that the two jobs had one basic difference. “Students paid more attention and did what you said more of the time,” Cadle said. However, some of the challenges he faced in his tenure were no joking matter. Cadle oversaw public safety, including a police department that was riddled with scandal. With information he received in two separate investigations, he made the decision to fire two police chiefs. “Several people who didn’t have this information were not supportive of me removing that and clearing up the corruption that was in the police department at that time,” he said. Cadle said the good officers and citizens who came forward made him know his decisions were the right ones. “The fear and intimidation tactics that were being used on officers and citizens had to come to an end. That was a tough time,” he explained. “There’s times when I had to deal with some very tough personnel issues, and I kept thinking, you know, why am I doing this?” The answer? The good thing accomplished. The City of Crestview Landing, the Florida A&M Pharmacy, and the recent voter approval of repealing the ancient city charter that allowed the creation of a city manager position. He hopes that is his legacy, along with an open-door policy. “We tried to do as much as we can to make a visit to the mayor’s office a positive experience,” he said. Council President J.B. Whitten will be sworn in Monday as the new mayor. A reception for Cadle is being held at Warriors Hall Thursday night. Cadle’s future plans are traveling and visiting grandkids.

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