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Ben Stallworth still has trouble sleeping after what he experienced early Saturday morning. “When I heard the screaming, I hopped up and when I hopped up- all I heard was a bunch of gunfire. I dived on the ground and like I said… crawled a few feet,” he said. His neighbor’s doorway at the Alabaster Garden Senior Community Apartments in the Montclair community turned into a crime scene. “It’s traumatizing for the fact that you’ve gotta walk past the house and still see blood on the ground and matter on the ground. It’s just really horrifying,” said Stallworth. Around four in the morning, Escambia County dispatch got a call from Stallworth’s neighbor, John Young, saying someone had been murdered inside the complex. Authorities said when they got to Young’s apartment, he was holding a meat cleaver and he wouldn’t drop the weapon. Deputies said they tried multiple times to get him to comply, but he wouldn’t. Young then allegedly tried to attack them with the cleaver and was shot to death. “I feel like it was a little too much for someone wielding a meat-cleaver. You know what I mean? I want to say it was at least 20 to 25 shots,” said Stallworth. Felicia Payne also lives in the retirement community. “I’m still not over it, I’m still in shock. All of us are in shock,” said Payne. She said Young was a quiet man, a veteran and well-liked in the complex. “He was a nice guy. He never bothered nobody. He’d give you a ride to the store or if you needed to pay a bill he’d take you where you’d gotta go, but he mostly stayed to himself,” said Payne. Stallworth said Young’s family came by the complex Monday devastated and wanting answers. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has taken over the case. The State Attorney’s office said the investigation could take months.

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