As many of us recover from the storm, navigating through FEMA assistance can be a daunting task. On Tuesday the Bay District school board took a measure to ensure maximum reimbursement to rebuild. The board approved the hiring of FEMA consulting group Hagerty Consulting Inc. The consulting group will work with FEMA on the district’s behalf to help receive the most FEMA aid possible. Bay District school board chair Steve Moss said the district learned from other districts impacted by hurricanes. He said some of them didn’t take advantage of millions of dollars because they missed steps with FEMA. This move he hopes will be reassuring to families that the schools will rebuild better than ever. “Those parents who have those students attending those schools do have some hope that those schools will be reimbursed and built back because of our relationship with FEMA and this consultant,” said Moss. Moss said the length of their contract will likely be more than months and could be up to a decade as FEMA reimbursement can be a lengthy process.

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