A Pensacola nurse was hit and killed by a car on Wednesday after she pulled over to help people involved in a car crash. She had just left church when she witnessed the crash. Danna McCormick is a soldier of the streets. As loved ones say, she was not only a hero in life but also in death. McCormick lost her life trying to help a stranger. “Even when it was time to go home and put her babies to bed, she took time to go and try to help someone else,” said Central Chapel Associate Pastor Rudolph Barnhill. McCormick was a research nurse at Nemours Children’s Specialty Care. Her husband is the pastor at Central Chapel Worship Center and they have two children together. “You can see her son toys there, she sits here, this was her spot,” Barnhill said. State troopers say McCormick died after being hit by a car while checking on several people involved in a crash at Mobile Highway and Eight Mile Creek Road. The family of four was at church service before she died. “I saw her grow from a young lady in her 20s to now to the mid-30s and very dedicated to profession and others, that’s what she was, “explained Barnhill. He said that trait shined the brightest in her final moments. “We could have the church here for another 200 years and nobody will replace her. She is unreplaceable, she is one special person,” said Barnhill. She had a huge personality, a life-long love for children and a church family who took them in as their own. “I’ve lost a child indirectly in my heart,” Barnhill said. That is because she never missed an opportunity to show kindness to others.

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