Sadly, eight months later, on November. 3, 2016, the entire process started all over again. Mayor Campbell received another letter from Ms. DuBose stating that her agency had not received the required financial reports for Fiscal Year 2014-2015 and warned that state revenue funds would be withheld again if the city failed to do so. This certified letter was signed for by former city Finance Director Joe Brown. Neither Mayor Campbell nor Mr. Brown informed the Council of the letter or its contents. On February 6th, Mayor Campbell was notified that the state would be withholding state revenue funds unless the required financial reports were received by March 9th. It was during this period that Interim City Manager Tilman Mears discovered the problem and brought the matter to the attention of the City Council. Over two months later, on May 19, 2017 Ms. DuBose notified CFO Atwater and the Department of Revenue that the required 2014-2015 reports from the city of DeFuniak had finally been received and the city should be removed from the state’s withholding list. Recently, in an email to City Attorney Clayton Adkinson, dated June 1, 2017, Roger Hinson of the Department of Revenue stated that, in summary, $65,068 was withheld in 2015, $49,933 was withheld in 2016 and $105,944 was withheld in 2017. That is a grand total of $220,945 of revenue the city of Defuniak Springs has lost, due to the gross negligence of city staff and Mayor Bob Campbell, whose name was on every document. To date, Mayor Bob Campbell’s actions have cost the city almost a quarter of a million dollars in lost revenue that the City cannot recoup. At any time during the course of these events Mayor Campbell could and should have at the very least dropped the letters in the mailboxes provided to every Council member to avoid the appearance of meeting out of the Sunshine and failed to do so. In Mr. Adkinson’s June 6th report to the Council, he stated: “It is clear from the documents that the City apparently received those documents. However, what is missing from these documents is any response from the City in regards to any of the certified letters that were forwarded to the City. During my discussion with Ms. White, she advised that the reason the Committee had taken the action it did, was that the Committee had never received any response from the city.” It is contention that Mayor Bob Campbell is guilty of Malfeasance and should be removed from Public Office. The Quarter of a Million dollar loss to this small City was entirely preventable had Mayor Campbell acted in the City’s best interest and informed the City Council who could and assuredly would have taken the appropriate steps to correct the State’s actions. This information was provided to the station by Lynda Morse who filed this Ethics complaint against Mayor Bob Campbell.

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