ome Jackson County residents who live near debris removal sites are dealing with greater issues  than just slower traffic. The county tried to have the sites set up off of paved roads like the one off of Highway 69 and Brushey Pond Road in Grand Ridge. A resident who lives on Brushey Pond Road said the debris trucks are using the dirt road to come in and out and it’s tearing up the road. Jackson County road and bridge superintendent, Jayson Cain, said the trucks are not supposed to be using the dirt road if there is access from the paved road. Cain said there is one site that the only access is from a dirt road, but the haulers are only allowed to use the end where there are no houses. “That’s our biggest focus is to do whatever we have to do to keep where the residents at least can get to their houses if it’s a site or a dirt road that they have to travel on,” said Jayson Cain, Jackson County road and bridge superintendent. Cain said the county is going to be monitoring these sites to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

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