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The new budget for the City of DeFuniak Springs has been approved and included funding for much needed equipment and repairs to various facilities as well as the city’s utility systems. New roofing for public works buildings, the community center and police department are included in the budget along with $60,000 for repairs to the Chautauqua Hall of Brotherhood and $25,000 for repairs to the Walton-DeFuniak Library building. The city also has budgeted $71,750 in repairs to the skateboard park with $50,000 coming from grant funds.

The city is fortunate to have over $1.2 million in grant funding to also provide needed improvements and upgrades at the city’s airport as well as additional electrical components on a number of sewer lift stations that will help maintain sewer service in case of an emergency situation.

While the city’s millage rate remains the same, an increase in water and sewer rates have been approved for this new budget. These increases, along with the small gain in property tax funding, have been stretched to cover a three percent cost of living increase for staff as well as funding for needed repairs within the utility departments and city facilities

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