The Defuniak Springs held city council last night at the city hall. This is available for review on our Facebook page. They approved multiple items throughout the meeting. Housing is being planned to be developed but is being withheld until further speculation. Plenty of comments were made about the application for both city manager and finance director. Verbiage was updated as well on the applications. Such as experience and education. Clarification was provided about the grand jury recommendations and what is being done about them. More questions and clarification about the hourly charge and how many hours were going to be put into the clearing of the recommendations. It is to be expected to be below 50 hours and at $150 an hour. To be completed by July’s first City Council Meeting. Mayor Bob Campbell went to DC and sat and talked to Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Bill Nelson about things for the city and what to do. The City Council appointed Mayor Bob Campbell to represent the City of DeFuniak Springs at the 2018 Florida League of Cities Annual Conference. City Attorney reported Clay Adkinson further clarified application to the public and verified the years experience from 3 years to 8 years for the application process for City Manager. City Council then adjourned.

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