According to a letter from Assistant State Attorney William B. Bishop, Sgt. Grady Carpenter was justified in using deadly force against Joseph Leland Fletcher during a Nov. 18, 2016, altercation at a home on Gap Creek Drive. When Carpenter and other deputies arrived they found a woman badly beaten and were told that Fletcher was hiding in a closet. Fletcher was already wanted for several felonies. When deputies confronted Fletcher a struggle ensued and two deployments of a Taser were ineffective, Bishop wrote. During the struggle, Fletcher grabbed one of the deputies guns and Carpenter shot him, Bishop wrote.  Deputies immediately began medical care and emergency medical professionals arrived but Fletcher was pronounced dead on scene. Fletcher had cannabinoids, meth and amphetamines in his blood at the time of his death, Bishop added. Fletcher’s actions that night “reasonably placed Sergeant Grady Carpenter in fear of imminent harm to himself and his fellow law enforcement officers,” making the shooting a justifiable use of deadly force, Bishop wrote. 
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