“He made me so proud to be his father,” said Bradford Kane, with tears running down his face. He is talking about his only child, Abel. “When this young boy came into my life and I held him in my arms the first time, it changed my life,” Bradford Kane said. The 18-year-old was months away from being a senior at Pine Forrest High School. Abel loved the ocean and dreamed of being an electrician, just like his father. However, last week the teen was shot and killed in Pensacola. “My son was a good kid. He didn’t deserve this and it hurts that I won’t be able to hear ‘I love you dad’ anymore,” Bradford Kane said. Abel’s grandmother, Deloris Kane, said her last moments spent with him were at her birthday dinner that night. Afterward, Abel picked up a friend at an apartment complex off of Truman Ave. She believes the three suspects were after Abel’s friend when her grandson was shot and killed. “In his act of kindness to give someone a ride, he was murdered and it’s so unfair,” Deloris Kane said. Family and friends honored Abel’s life this week, with dozens of messages on graffiti bridge. “We’ll never see another holiday with him. We’ll never see him get married or have children. When you think about those things, it’s a great loss,” Deloris Kane added. Escambia County deputies have arrested the two juveniles they believe were involved in the murder, Vincent Winchester, and Kelijah Watson. However, authorities said their third suspect, Demetrius Caesar, is still on the loose. They’re now asking for your help. “I’m begging you. If you know where this last person is that had to do with my son’s murder, do the right thing. Turn him in. We need justice for Abel,” said Bradford Kane. If you have any information about this case, call the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers at 433-STOP.

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