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Many high school juniors and seniors countdown the days until prom. One organization is making sure everyone who wants to attend the night of fun has the opportunity to do so. Saturday dozens of teens got the chance to pick out a brand new prom dress and accessories, all at no cost. “If we can just do one little good deed for them and make them feel special that’s our goal,” said Nikole Shurn, Fairy Glam Project Founder. The organization aims to help female high school students dealing with financial problems. They hope to give the young girls everything they need to attend prom, including a little inspiration. “We don’t want them just to come get a dress and leave, we want to pour into their spirits in their heart and give them hope, make them feel good about themselves, hopefully make this prom year magical and memorable,” said Shurn. The group travels to different locations provide help to students. Organizers said their stop in bay county was extremely important after the devastation of Hurricane Michael. “When I went through my prom it was so exciting, and i just wanted to make sure in spite of the devastation, young ladies here could still have the same opportunities that i was able to have ten years ago,” said Dnitrist Knowlton, Fairy Glam Ambassador.

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