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The state of Florida is seeing the lowest gas prices since February but AAA officials expect that to change. According to their website, Franklin, Gulf, Calhoun, Holmes, Washington and Bay county have some of the highest averages per gallon in the state. Last week, Panama City had the highest average per gallon at $2.58. AAA spokesman, Mark Jenkins says the trend of low prices though may be going away in the next week with the rise in costs for crude oil. “Last week, oil prices rose about $5 dollars per barrel and that generally would lead to about a 0.12 cent increase at the pump. There’s no hard fast rule that a gas station is going to definitely be charging 0.12 cents per gallon this next week. It’s kind of more of a rule of thumb you see oil prices rise by a dollar, typically gas prices will rise about 2 1/2 cents.” Jenkins says though, prices should drop again soon, and they project lower prices throughout the summer.

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