As reported by Wolfgang Menser

Saturday, November 11th, the Teen and Junior Miss Northwest Florida Pageant was held at Walton High School.  Multiple girls competed in this pageant but only one could be chosen to represent Northwest Florida for 2018. First is the new Teen Miss Northwest Florida, who also won the interview, evening gown, and press conference portion is Teen Miss Kaylee McBroom.  Lindsay Huckabee was awarded 1st Runner-Up, Brionna Keys is 2nd Runner-Up,  Lillian Feitsma is 3rd Runner-Up, Macy Emmons is 4th runner-up along with Teen Miss Photogenic, and Lilly Gay as Teen Miss Congeniality and Scholar Award Winner.  Next, we have the Junior Miss Northwest Florida who also who won the interview and evening gown portion, Junior Miss Savannah Sheffield.   Kennedy Temples placed as 1st Runner-Up, Annalise Voss as 2nd Runner-Up, Ashley Feldman as 3rd Runner-Up, Jazzy Gomez as Junior Miss Photogenic, and Raegan Holly Junior Miss Congeniality.  WZEP AM 1460 would like to congratulate all the new queens, Miss Northwest Alyson James, Teen Miss Northwest Kaylee McBroom, Junior Miss Northwest Savannah Sheffield, and Little Miss Northwest Calie Brackin.

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