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Leisure Lakes Dam

Private roads are not county maintained. When a road is public, but over private property it can become a problem. Make the road over a dam and the problem increases to additional liability for accidents and repair. Staff recommended the Walton Commissioners not put a road on the county list and the residents agreed.

Leisure Lakes in Mossy Head has a dam that has been a problem. The dam failed and the residents paid to have it repaired. There is a dirt road over it, but the county does not own the property, only an easement. There was a question to have the road put on the future paving list.

Saying that paving will increase the county’s liability, maintenance and more, Administrator Larry Jones recommended not putting the road on the list. The attorney agreed, saying the county does not own the dam.

The County is granted easement for the public to cross, but the lake is private. The dam is a private structure. When the dam failed, since it is private, the lot owners got together and the county helped them establish an MSBU.

The group of owners cited a past report from the county that the road is not needed. A spokesperson for the lot owners asked that the issue be tabled for further study or the commissioners agree not to reopen the road. Commissioners agreed to accept staff’s recommendation to not reopen the road across the dam.

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