Since hurricane Michael, Panhandle residents have seen helping hands, as well as those who are just here to take their money and run. Officials said that even insurance adjusters can be phony. “If you have people coming in and wanting to give you free estimates, be suspicious right then,” said attorney, Wes Pittman. “Because they’re going to try to sell you something. They’re going to sell you some kind of service.” Pittman said there are several types of adjusters to be weary of. “Be aware of the public adjusters who are working for the property owners that don’t have the clout that lawyers do,” said Pittman. Public or independent adjusters can’t sue insurance agencies like a lawyer. Pittman said one of the first things you should do if you have damage to your property is document it. “Take photographs or video of all the damaged areas from different angles and then get estimates for whatever’s needed,” said Pittman. Pittman also said it’s best to hire a lawyer for larger, more valuable properties. “To me, a million and above is really worth getting a lawyer to help on a house and of course commercial properties. But you want to have value from whomever you hire,” Pittman said.

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