Callaway Country Florist lost power during Hurricane Michael and along with it went their security system but the owners say they’re still paying for the system even though it’s not functioning. “You’re not monitoring. You know there’s no power here. There’s not been any power here since 9:45 in the morning on October 10, 2018,” says owner Shirley Whittle. The local business owner trusted ADT Security Systems to keep her shop safe but since the storm, she says the company has been working against her. “After multiples and multiple calls, to this company, they just chose to ignore it.” Whittle says the company has continued to withdraw money from her account, even after the system was destroyed. “It’s not the matter of the amount of money. It’s the fact that they’ve done it.” She says the store even had a recent break in and the company knew nothing about it. “They also stated they notified the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and I checked with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and they received no calls from ADT.” If anyone else is also seeing this from ADT, Whittle says there’s only one thing you can do. “You’re just going to have to go to the bank, explain it to your banker, stop your automatic draws or change the account number because otherwise, you’re not going to stop them.”

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