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A registered sex offender has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a girl. According to the report issued by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, the sexual abuse from Thomas Lawlis started in 1995 on a victim who was around four or five at the time. Lawlis allegedly would have sexual relations with the victim, according to the report. The relations would happen in multiple areas in Lawlis’ house, the report revealed. As the victim got older, there was an increase in frequency in the abuse, the report stated. That victim has now been diagnosed with PTSD, major depression disorder and anxiety. Another victim came forward and stated she too had been sexually abused by Lawlis. According to the report, when Lawlis moved to Gatlinburg, Tennessee the victim, whom lived with him at the time, stated he would touch her breasts and other areas before removing her clothing and sexually abusing her. This occurred around fifteen to twenty times over the course of three to four months, the report revealed. Lawlis, a previously registered sex offender, has been arrested and charged with sexual assault and sex offender violation. He is being held in the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office on a $505,000 bond.

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