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A 21-year-old sailor who served aboard the USS Alabama has passed away. Nathan Castor’s father, Robert, said that his son died in a motorcycle crash. Robert said that he purchased the bike on a Saturday, April 28th, and was involved in a single-vehicle crash on April 30th outside the Naval Submarine Base in Bangor, Washington. His father said his son was in a coma for 18 days until they made the hard decision to let him go and donate his organs. The military guarded his hospital room the entire time. An Honor Walk was held at a hospital in Bangor, Washington and his father recorded it. His family to us his kidneys and liver were both immediately taken and given to people in need. Three lives were saved, his dad said. Castor was active in the military at the time. He was serving in the Navy as an E-5 who builds missiles. He had only been active for two years and had four left. Castor was an E-5 missile technician on the U.S.S. Alabama. He then was active at the naval submarine base in Bangor, Washington.

A Wounded Warrior and Semper Fi Fund are assisting the family. Castor’s body is being escorted back to Northwest Florida by his Chief. He is expected to arrive sometime this week at the Pensacola Airport and an honor guard will escort him to Milton where he will be laid to rest.

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