As reported by Wolfgang Menser

Monday, November 20th, at 7:46 p.m., a Mary Esther woman, Mackenzie Rados, age 19, traveled westbound on U.S. Highway 98 when she fell asleep at the wheel of the first vehicle.  The vehicle veered off the roadway which then caused the vehicle to overturn and came to rest in a ditch.  Another motorist, George Griffin,  stopped after viewing this first vehicle travel off the roadway, to help Ms. Rados.  He parked his vehicle in the outside lane on a portion of the roadway’s shoulder and the roadway.  Traveling on the outside lane in the eastbound side of U.S. Highway 98, Richard Brooks, noticed and stopped in the roadway to avoid collision with George Griffin’s vehicle that was also in the outside lane.  The motorist behind Mr. Brooks, Keshaun Bunkley, hit Mr. Brook’s vehicle in the rear end after he failed to stop.  The force of Mr. Bunkley hitting Mr. Brook’s vehicle was strong enough to cause Mr. Griffin’s vehicle it to be moved and hit.  Ms. Rados was transported to Fort Walton Beach Medical with serious injuries.  Her condition in unknown at the time of this report.

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