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A man has been arrested after allegedly pointing a gun at a woman while children were present. The arrest report from the Pensacola Police Department states 43-year-old Roderick Randall and a woman were in an argument over some comments made by her Facebook. The report says Randall felt he was being slandered on social media. During the argument, which took place in Randall’s bedroom, he went under the bed and retrieved a firearm, the report states, “The victim said Randall then pointed the firearm at her and stated ‘I am going to kill you!'” the report says. The victim said that’s when Randall wrapped the weapon in a white towel, ran outside the house and returned empty handed, the report states. Police were made aware that Randall and the victim have had a violent history, the report states. In the report, it is said that Randall has hit her before, given her a black eye and threatened her via text message. During the argument, children were present, the report reveals. After a search of the home by police, the firearm was not recovered, however a rifle case was found under the bed, the report states. Officers searched the exterior area of the home to find a white towel and white men’s t-shirt rolled into a ball, the report reveals. When opened, a Ruger MKIII Hunter was revealed, according to the report. “The firearm came back as stolen,” the report mentions. Randall was arrested and taken to the Escambia County Jail. He was charged with aggravated assault, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and cruelty toward a child. Randall is being held on no bond.

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