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The American Red Cross is continuing its effort to save lives by installing free smoke alarms across the country. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, three out of five home-fire deaths occur in homes without working smoke detectors. The Red Cross is working to protect you from potentially deadly house fires. Volunteers hit the streets in Escambia County Saturday morning installing free smoke alarms in people’s homes. Tanya Holloway with the Red Cross says volunteers visited areas where firefighters frequently respond to. “Here in Escambia County, our goal is 375 homes made safer,” said American Red Cross volunteer Tanya Holloway. They also talked to residents about the importance of having evacuation plans and an emergency kit in their homes. “It’s not only about having a smoke alarm to detect for fires, but it is also for preparing for any kind of emergency,” Holloway said. “People can get really complacent with things like this,” said Jessica Schmidt. Jessica Schmidt says by installing smoke alarms, it gives people another tool to have to escape from a fire before a tragedy. “Little things can save lives,” Schmidt said. The Red Cross says, on average, seven people die every day from a house fire. According to a recent study by the group – 96 percent of people say they’ve engaged in activities that are among the leading causes of home fires. That includes leaving food unattended on the stove or falling asleep with candles burning. “Sometimes we have seen where people have unfortunately lost their homes and in some cases lost their lives. The way we can help is help everyone prevent that by having smoke alarms in their homes and having a plan,” said Holloway. The Red Cross says a working smoke alarm can make a world of difference when there are only moments to spare.

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