As reported by Wolfgang Menser

Monday, November 13th, at 1:00 p.m., Safe Connections had their grand opening for the building they moved too.  The building was an old county-owned house used to hold records.  Back on December 1st, 2016, the county approved funding and the restoration of this house to be used for Safe Connections.  The house originally had the ceiling falling in and the walls falling apart.  Walton County employees renovated this house while putting in a new roof and refinishing the floors on their off days to make this a safe, nice place for Safe Connections.  The house was revamped with electronic locks on multiple rooms to keep safety as the number one priority.  The building is also ADA certified.  “We really need additional funding for this program,” Executive Director Sharon Rogers stated, “This service is not well recognized, but it is needed for parents to access their children in a safe situation.  Safe Connection is a place for parents that can only visit their children through court-ordered supervised visitation.  With everything going on in the world, safety is needed.  So far this place has been a success and this is a really happy place.”  For the past 5 years, this organization has been located at the back of the senior center.  County Commissioner Cecilia Jones made an appearance at this event and stated, “Safe Connections is a wonderful program for children and families, we are so happy to be getting them a permanent home at the Gillis House.”  WZEP AM 1460 would like to thank everyone who has put the hard work into preparing and making everything possible for Safe Connections.

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