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Scam Using the Name of Gulf Power

Here it is, your first scam alert for 2015. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office says a member of their agency was contacted about a scam concerning Gulf Power.

The caller stated that they would come out and cut services unless they were given a credit card number or checking account number. Luckily no personal information was given out. However, the phone number given by the caller was overseas.

Remember, never give out any personal information over the phone. No bank, credit card company or other institution will ask you for your personal information, pin number, account number or contact information if they call you; they already have this information. If you contact them they might ask for some identifying information, but this is only when you contact them and you are sure you have reached the right place. If you are contacted with a similar situation to what is described, ask for a name and number and tell them you will call them back.

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