In Bay County, shoppers are preparing for Father’s Day. It’s just one week away. We can spend years and years with our dads, but when a holiday rolls around, still not have a clue what to get him. Sometimes the greatest gifts don’t cost a penny. “I know what mine wants: barbeque and beer,” one vacationer said. When in doubt, stick with what you know. “My dad likes beef jerky so I went to the beef jerky outlet and bought him beef jerky,” Sami Seiden, a vacationer, said. It doesn’t have to be complex. “He’s cheap so he likes anything,” Kaylee Gaddis, another vacationer, said. “A home bake pizza oven but we gave it to him early,” Samantha Larsen said. “He’s not too picky, he’ll take whatever, “Tina Pennington, a local, said. “I think I’m gonna get him a car,” Omri Abu said about his father’s day plans. Shopping for our dads can be a struggle.  “My dad doesn’t like gifts,” Abu said, but agreed that his dad will probably like a car. Why is it that dads can be so hard to shop for? “Because if I don’t get him the exact thing he wants, he’s gonna be like why didn’t you get me this,” Seiden said. “You don’t know what they want. One minute they want a tool box, next minute they want a beer,” Ray Washington, a tourist from Tennessee, said. Sometimes just spending time together is the greatest, and most cost effective, gift of them all. “Um I don’t have money,” Gaddis said while laughing.  After all, the day isn’t about the gifts; rather, the men who raised us. “To appreciate what they do for us,” Perry said. “I love my father. Daddy I love you,” Jamari Davis said to her dad. “My dad’s the most hardworking person I’ve ever met so I think that’s what I admire most about him,” Larsen said. “He just stands up for me and cares about me and my best interests. It’s just amazing to have such a role model you know,” Morgan Edens, a vacationer, said. “[He’s] always been the best father a girl could ask for,” Pennington said with her dad by her side. Again, Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday, June 17.

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