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Taco Bell Opens in DeFuniak Springs, Tesla Chargers Being Installed

DFS Taco Bell Cars Backed Up to 331 DFS Taco Bell Drive Thru

One of the news stories WZEP AM 1460 has received a lot of listener comments and questions is about the opening of the new Taco Bell in DeFuniak Springs. Area taco eaters do not have to wait any longer as the new restaurant opened to lines around the block.

The new Taco Bell’s construction was delayed due wet weather and the need to make sure the soil and fill was compacted. Even as the new restaurant was opened Tuesday morning crews were still putting on the finishing touches to the security and landscaping.

The line to the drive thru stretched around the back of the store and out the road to U.S. 331. Inside the new employees were moving pretty quick with everyone assisting and few empty tables available.

DFS Tesla InstallAnd in other coming to town news, the new Tesla Charging stations are being installed on 10th Street just north of Baldwin Avenue. The stations and related equipment are being set. Once complete, there will be several stations for the Tesla Electric vehicles to charge. Tesla chose DeFuniak Springs as a stop between Pensacola and Tallahassee. The site selected is in the historic downtown area. Tesla said they wanted their owners to be able to walk and enjoy the shops and history instead of just a stop near the interstate.

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