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Fishermen in the Panhandle might have to put their rods and reels up, along with any hopes for a fishing pier in Walton County. Once again tonight, a resident pleaded for local officials to build a fishing pier in South Walton. Resident Richard Loverne, has gone before the Walton County Commission several times asking for a fishing pier that  stretches into the Gulf of Mexico. There is one major issue standing in the way. There is no land with the adequate amount of parking required. Loverne wanted Commissioners to let residents vote, but Commissioners say that would be putting the cart before the horse. “Well if you asked me, if I wanted the Atlanta braves to move down here, I’d say yes…. but, we don’t have a stadium to put them in. That’s what I am trying to say. I think that Commissioner Anderson is, it’s not that we are against or for it.. It’s just that we don’t have a place to put it,” said Danny Glidewell, Walton County Commissioner. When the Walton County Commission was asked what they wanted to do, no one said a word. No motion was made and no action taken.

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