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Florence is forecast to rapidly intensify over the next 12-24 hours and once again become a major hurricane as it barrels toward the East Coast. The location of landfall is still very uncertain, but everyone in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia need to prepare. Not only along the coast, but inland as well due to possible inland flooding. Florence will likely make landfall as a major category 3 or 4 hurricane on Thursday or Friday. Hurricane Florence has prompted North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia to declare states of emergency as it approaches East Coast. Hurricane Helene is a category 1 hurricane moving west-northwest at 17 mph. Additional strengthening is likely before Helene weakens in the Atlantic. As of right now, Helene is forecast to be a “fish storm” and stay out in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Isaac is forecast to strengthen as it tracks toward the Lesser Antilles this week. It will likely be just to the south of Puerto Rico on Friday or Saturday, therefore, still very far away. Too far away to know where this storm may end up. We will keep a close eye on it. Also, an area of disorganized thunderstorms in the Caribbean Sea is forecast to move to the northwest toward the Yucatan and into the western Gulf of Mexico this week. This disturbance has a medium chance for development through the next few days. If this area holds together, rain chances will likely increase across the western and northwestern Gulf coast.

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