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Two have been arrested after one allegedly knocked a pot of Ramen noodles on a child, and the other didn’t report the injury. According to an arrest report from Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, on Wednesday deputies responded to a call at Sacred Heart Hospital where a nurse stated Angel McCants, 26, brought a child to the hospital with “shower burns.” The report said the burns looked more like chemical burns to her. Officers questioned McCants on the burns, to which she said Danikeei Hollowell, 24, had called her at work two weeks ago saying the child had been burned in the shower, according to the report. The report also said McCants didn’t bring the child to the hospital because she believed she could take care of the injuries herself, so she began to put eczema cream on the child’s burns. McCants later revealed she should have brought the child to the hospital but did not want to get in trouble and had too much going on to bring him, the report stated. When the officer asked what McCants would get in trouble for, she said “everything that happened,” the report said. The report went on to say Hollowell had not kept the child since the injury occurred, and McCants became uncooperative in providing information about Hollowell. Deputies made contact with Hollowell and he was placed under arrest and transported to Investigations, the report said. Upon interview Hollowell admitted he had anger issues and got angry about the child defecating in his pants, so he knocked a pot of boiling ramen noodles off the stove onto him, according to the report. The reason Hollowell gave for not reporting the injury was because he did not want to get in trouble, according to the report. McCants was charged with obstructing justice and child neglect with great bodily harm. She was taken to the Escambia County Jail on no bond.

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