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Walton Commissioners Consider Floor Elevation

A year ago our area experienced a season of rain. This helped area residents understand just where the low spots were and how flooding can happen. This started the Walton County Commissioners and staff looking at just where do they need to make changes in the way stormwater is managed. At Tuesday’s meeting, the commissioners discussed changing the stormwater ordinance to require a minimum finished floor elevation. This is to help with flooding.

Staff’s recommendation was for south of the bay, but commissioners asked about north of the bay too. Engineering said they did have two areas north of the bay with problems during last spring’s floods. They asked to eliminate the north of the bay wording since they are working on the two areas with drainage problems.

A resident on the private Joe Dugger Road said they have problems. He said there currently are two pregnant residents and even in the recent rain there were problems. Staff noted the road is private and the county can not work on it without commissioner direction.

With the discussion being on housing elevation, the commissioners got back to the vote and agreed with the minimums south of the bay.

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