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Walton Construction Projects Underway

On the east side of DeFuniak Springs is a cement bunker. The odd building has doors set back with protecting concrete and dirt coverings. The old OEC Bunker use was discontinued, but now the commissioners are putting the bunker back online. After a remodel, it will again become an Emergency Operations Center.

The bunker is an old emergency bunker the state put in for the Governor to use. The cement and earth covered building is set up for a possible nuclear situation. The building was given to the County to manage. It has been used as the E911 and Emergency Management Operations Center. It has housed other county offices and the commissioners have used it as a meeting boardroom. Additional buildings are also located on site. The bunker was taken out of use.

County Administrator Larry Jones gave an update on the EOC bunker remodel. He said the work has only begun, but they are tearing things out and expect the bunker to be ready before hurricane season next year. Jones has commented on the process of dealing with the property. Since the site actually still belongs to the state, additional permissions have to be obtained. At a previous meeting,  Jones said this has been a challenge.

Jones then talked about the road at the Mossy Head Industrial Park. The road, stormwater drainage and utilities are part of the growth and are needed to complete agreements with businesses locating there. The construction on the new hotel is underway and the expectation is a summer opening.

The new United Fire Station construction is also underway. This is the County Fire Rescue Woodlawn station. The old station will be removed for road construction. The FDOT paid for most of the new station. Jones noted this will work in partnership with the approved Freeport Fire agreement.

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