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A wallet is key to getting us through our daily lives. When an out-of-town couple loses theirs, a Walton County Sergeant makes it her mission to make sure it’s returned. “I know how inconveniencing it can be, I’m not perfect either. I’ve lost things, and especially when it’s your wallet that’s your whole life in there,” said Walton County Sergeant Paula Pendleton. Sgt. Pendleton is at the South Walton substation when a woman turns in a missing wallet. The woman said she had no lucking searching the person’s identity on social media. “What I did was I just used good ole Google and found out the gentlemen who lost the wallet had written a book,” said Pendleton. A few more clicks and phone call later, is able to track down the owner down. “I contacted how to buy the book and the librarian got his number and he called back a few hours later.” Pendleton’s shift came to an end but she waited for the man to arrive so she can personally give the wallet to him. “So they didn’t have to go the weekend without their wallet, or his wallet. I say theirs because he’s married, so it’s their wallet.” The couple was grateful. About a week later, they showed their gratitude by having a card and cookies delivered to Pendleton.  “We don’t do this job for the thank you’s, we do it because it’s a calling or what you’re supposed to do,” said Pendleton. “But it’s nice to get it. It’s always nice to get a thank you.”

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