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Walton School Board To Hold Four Meetings Tuesday

The Board will start their afternoon of meetings with a workshop on school security. This is a closed meeting. The Sunshine Law allows for closed meetings when security issues are discussed as a way to prevent information that could lead to a security risk becoming public.


At 4:30pm the School board will hold a workshop to discuss the Legislative Priorities. This is a chance to come up with anything the Board wants to let the state legislators know about. Having the list now will allow for possible inclusion during the upcoming legislative hearings and session.


At 5pm the Board is to hold their regular meeting. And at 6pm or after the regular meeting, they will switch hats and become the Walton County Public Education Finance Authority. The meeting is to secure $30 Million in certificates of participation for financing the Walton Middle School Project.


Consent Agenda Items

Trip (Bus/Van) Requests

  1. Approval of Emerald Coast Middle School Cheerleading Team to Travel to Biloxi, Mississippi on January 9- 10, 2015 to Attend the Cheer Sport Grand Championship (J. Hicks)
  2. Paxton High School Request Blanket approval for the 2015 Baseball Schedule to Include Middle Grades, Junior  Varsity and Varsity Schedules (J. Hicks)
  3. Approval of South Walton High School 2015 Track and Field Schedule (J. Hicks)


Action Agenda Items

Public Hearing: Board Policies/Rules to discuss the Proposed School Board Rules/Policies

Agreements / Contracts

  1. Approval of Agreement with Florida State University College of Medicine (K. Dailey)
  2. Approval of Collegiate High School Program Agreement with Northwest Florida State College

WCSB Resolutions – Approval of Resolution to AMEND: Issuance of Certificate of Participation Resolution (D. Noyes)

Personnel Recommendations

  1. Approval of January 6, 2015 Personnel Recommendation (S. Alford)
  2. Approval of January 6, 2015 Personnel Addendum (S. Alford)

Title I Program

  1. Approval of The Title I School Improvement Initiative Project Application (M. Harrison)
  2. Approval of Title I, Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged, 2014-2015 Project Application and the Title II, Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund Project

Construction Plans & Specifications – Approval of a Guaranteed Maximum Price “GMP” of $850,860.00 from Elkins Constructors for Bay Elementary School – Renovation – Secure Lobby

Board Policies/Rules – School Board Adoption of Proposed Policy 3.80 and Policy 6.914

25.11 – Calendar Committee – Approval of the 2015-2016 Walton County School District Calendar Committee Members (D. Paul)

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