The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about scammers who are posing as workers from the Social Security Administration (SSA). According to authorities, the calls are coming from phone numbers that are often “spoofed” and appear on caller I.D. as the SSA. The caller will claim there is a potential issue with an account and information needs to be verified. WCSO said during the phone calls, the scammers have threatened prosecution or arrest if they don’t receive the information. The sheriff’s office said if anyone threatens you with legal action or arrest, hang up immediately. If you are contacted by a person claiming to be an employee of SSA, it is always safest to hang up and call SSA directly at 1-800-772-1213. WCSO is also reminding citizens of other scams that seem to be reoccurring in the area, such as IRS impersonators and callers who claim to be a grandchild that is incarcerated. They said numerous people have been scammed out of thousands of dollars by people who claim to be a grandchild that needs to be bonded out of jail. You can call the Washington County Jail at 850-638-6110 to verify the information.

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