While some parents were sad to see the summer come to an end, students here at West DeFuniak Elementary were all smiles as the school year began, because they knew it was going to bee a good year. ¬†“There is no place like school on the first day of school. At West DeFuniak Elementary the theme is ‘Bee Amazing,'” explained Superintendent Russell Hughes, Walton County School District. The halls of West DeFuniak were decorated from top to bottom with their bee theme but, it was the library that had the whole school buzzing. ¬†This observation bee hive is on display for all teachers, students and staff to get an unique hands on learning experience. It is now home to more than 10,000 bees. Last year Walton County was just one point away from being an ‘A’ school. Superintendent Hughes says the Walton County School District will be working hard to reach that goal this year.
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